ISRCTN: 26986053

Rapid Intervention with Glyceryl trinitrate in Hypertensive stroke Trial 2


Information for paramedics and medical staff

The Rapid Intervention with Glyceryl Trinitrate in Hypertensive Stroke Trial-2 (RIGHT-2) is a clinical trial assessing the safety and efficacy of transdermal glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) patches vs. sham patch for patients suffering acute stroke when administered ultra-acutely by paramedics in the pre-hospital setting.

It is a UK-based, multicentre prospective randomised single-blind, blinded-endpoint parallel group trial.  RIGHT-2 recruited 1,149 patients across 8 UK ambulance trusts and collaborated with 54 stroke units to determine whether GTN improves outcome in patients with ultra-acute stroke.

Seeking emergency medical care in the community, time-critical patients presenting with stroke symptoms to paramedics are now routinely conveyed to specialist hyper-acute stroke centres.  Paramedics, at the forefront of pre-hospital emergency care, were well placed to begin this ultra-acute intervention to this high-risk patient group.

RIGHT-2 worked with stroke centres across the UK who received emergency ambulance admissions to continue the treatment with GTN patch or sham patch for three further days. The patient outcome will be measured using the modified Rankin Scale to determine death, the level of dependence or independence at 90 and 365 days post stroke.

RIGHT-2 trial website and database

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The trial is funded by the British Heart Foundation.  Recruitment was from September 2015 to May 2018.  Telephone follow-ups will continue until May 2019.

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Media Coverage

The 39p Patch

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Notts TV (channel 8)

Patch demonstration (.mxf), 27/05/2015
Interview with Professor Philip Bath and Adam Hayes, stroke survivor (.mxf), 27/05/2015
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Early use of patch 'could help treat strokes' (link), 27/05/2015
Andy Whittaker's Breakfast Show (link) on BBC Radio Nottingham, 27/05/2015 (recording by Trials Team)

Virtual Medical Centre

Improving Stroke Outcomes (link), 10/09/2015
For the following video you will need to sign up here: this is free but only registered health professionals (who input the required registration numbers) will be able to view this video.
ENOS trial (link), 10/09/2015: RIGHT-2 is mentioned towards the end.

Select reference publications

Determining the feasibility of ambulance-based randomised controlled trials in patients with ultra-acute stroke: study protocol for RIGHT (pdf), 21 September 2012
Feasibility of an ambulance-based trial, and safety of glyceryl trinitrate in ultra-acute stroke: the Rapid Intervention with Glyceryl trinitrate in Hypertensive stroke Trial (RIGHT) (pdf); published in Stroke, 7 June 2013
Glyceryl trinitrate vs. control, and continuing vs. stopping temporarily prior antihypertensive therapy, in acute stroke: rationale and design of the ENOS trial (pdf), November 2006

Demo/practice website and database

Go to if you wish to practice data entry etc.

Please note that data entered into this database is not entered into the live trial database and does not contribute to trial data. This database does, of course, replicate and demonstrate the same functions as the main trial database.

You will need the following credentials to log in:

Password: nottingham

Study personnel

Trial Steering Committee:

Advisory Committeee:
Craig Anderson (Sydney, Australia), Eivind Berge (Oslo, Norway), Peter Rothwell (Oxford, UK), Steve Phillips (Halifax, Canada), Else Sandset (Oslo, Norway), Nerses Sanossian (Los Angeles, USA), Jeff Saver (Los Angeles, USA)

Trial Management Committee (Nottingham):
Philip Bath (Chair), Diane Havard (Trial Manager), Harriet Howard (Trial Coordinator), Mark Dixon (National Paramedic), Polly Scutt (Statistician), Jason Appleton (Medic), Nadia Frowd (Outcome Coordinator), Robert Gray (Outcome Coordinator), Christopher Lysons (Outcome Coordinator), Lee Haywood (Programming), Patricia Robinson (Secretary)

Independent Data Monitoring Committee:
Peter Sandercock (Chair; Edinburgh, UK): Kjell Asplund (Umeå, Sweden), Colin Baigent (Oxford, UK)

Independent Events (SAE) Adjudicator:
Sandeep Ankolekar (Birmingham, UK), Marc Randall (Leeds, UK)

Neuroimaging Adjudicators:
Joanna Wardlaw (Chair; Edinburgh, UK): Lesley Cala (Perth, Australia), Grant Mair (Edinburgh, UK)

Neuroimaging Management:
Eleni Sakka (Edinburgh, UK)

Programming/database management:
Website/database (Nottingham, UK): Lee Haywood
Imaging (Edinburgh, UK): David Buchanan, Jeb Palmer

Website privacy notice - information for participants

For information about how we store, retain, share and manage your personal data for RIGHT-2, please refer to our website privacy notice document.

Use of your personal data in research - information for participants

For information about how we use your personal data for RIGHT-2 in accordance with UK data protection laws, please refer to our data protection supplementary information document.

Contact details

RIGHT-2 Trial Office
Stroke Research Group
University of Nottingham
Clinical Sciences Building
City Hospital Campus
Hucknall Road
Telephone: +44 115 823 1770
Fax: +44 115 823 1771

Written by Philip Bath, last updated by Lee Haywood, 19 March 2019